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Deep Cleaning Services Provider In Swansea

Between busy schedules, work, and family commitments, keeping your space truly clean can be difficult. At MaryDav Ltd Cleaning Services, we offer a deep cleaning service to revamp your entire home or office, leaving it clean and fresh.


Our team is trained and experienced in deep cleaning, ensuring a detailed and thorough clean every time. We tailor the deep cleaning service to your specific needs and budget, focusing on areas that require the most attention. 

Contact MaryDav Ltd Cleaning Services today to discuss your cleaning needs in Swansea and surrounding areas.

What Our Deep Cleaning Service Includes

A kitchen corner with sleek grey cabinets and various kitchen appliances neatly arranged
  • A Thorough Examination: Our cleaning starts with a comprehensive walkthrough of your property. We'll discuss your specific needs and areas of concern to tailor the cleaning plan accordingly.

  • Comprehensive Cleanliness: We don't just tackle the surface dirt. Our deep clean goes beyond the usual, reaching every corner and high dusting point. This includes:

    • Kitchen: We'll degrease ovens, clean cabinets inside and out, scrub floors, and leave your kitchen gleaming.

    • Bathrooms: We'll tackle grime buildup, disinfect surfaces, and make your bathroom sparkle.

    • Bedrooms: We'll dust furniture, clean floors, and remove cobwebs, leaving your bedroom a haven of relaxation.

    • Living Areas: We'll vacuum thoroughly, clean upholstery, and remove dust from high surfaces, creating a fresh and inviting space.

  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: We use high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

Deep Cleaning For Businesses

At MaryDav Ltd Cleaning Services, we understand that a clean work environment is essential for employee well-being and productivity. That's why we offer comprehensive deep cleaning services for businesses of all types, including:

An office with a wooden table and black chairs
  • Offices: We'll tackle dust-laden workstations, grime build-up in kitchens and break rooms, and ensure spotless bathrooms, creating a fresh and hygienic workspace for your team.

  • Retail Stores: First impressions matter! Our deep cleaning will sparkle your shop floor, ensuring a welcoming environment that encourages customers to linger and browse.

  • Restaurants: Maintaining the highest hygiene standards is crucial in the food industry. Our deep cleaning service ensures your kitchen is spotless, from degreasing extractors to disinfecting surfaces, leaving your restaurant clean and ready for inspections.

Deep Cleaning, Less Stress. Call 07846 311711 Now!

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